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Hello there and thanks for taking the time to visit the about page of the site. My name is Akhil and I’ve been making some to all of my living (depending on the year) from the Internet since early 2003, when I accidentally discovered Internet marketing from the dorm room of my university one late evening.

I remember it being almost like an epiphany moment, something clicked in my brain and I realized the huge potential that the Internet offered and wanted to start right away.

Unfortunately, back then I knew basically nothing about how to build a website, what it took to make it rank with SEO and how the whole affiliate marketing business worked. So I enlisted a good friend to help me out and we built our first site offering chip sets to card players.

From that point onwards, I’ve always worked in some way, shape or form on the Internet whether it be a hobby site while I’m employed full-time, or taking the plunge to earning 100% of my income from my own sites (something I did in spring of 2018).

Along this crazy journey over more than a decade, I would say I’ve spent a few thousand hours reading and learning – it’s really the only way to succeed. I’m self-taught in HTML, CSS, SEO, WordPress, Databases, the list goes on and on. After so many years of reading, researching, experiencing both good and bad and finding solutions, I decided to start this site in a niche that I’ve never worked in before – and I did it for a few reasons.

First off, I think a lot of people are very intimidated when they start out with web hosting and figuring out how to set everything up (I know I was). Unfortunately for the newbies, there’s a lot to learn, but picking a good host can alleviate some massive headaches during the learning phase. I wanted to help with this process, by providing high quality and honest advice.

Secondly, I wanted to share my collective experience. Like I mentioned, I learned all of this on my own and read tons and tons, having discovered many time savers and tricks along the way. Through this site and the blog, I’m able to share those with a larger audience than just myself.

Thirdly, I like a new challenge. While I know the options when it comes to hosting quite well, I’ve never built a site in the space and competed, something that’s a cool project for me.

So there you have it, a little about my life and why I started the site. If you have any questions or want to chat about hosting, Internet marketing or anything else, feel free to contact me:

Contact Me

Please email me via akhilNOSPAM@betterhost.com (remove NOSPAM, obviously!)

The Disclaimer

This is the most exciting section you’ll probably ever (never) read – the disclaimer! So, I wanted to let you know that part of the way I earn a living for me and my family is by earning commission from recommending certain products to my visitors.

What this means, is that if you decide to sign-up with one of the web hosting companies or other services that I recommend on the site I may earn a commission from them for sending them a new client – this is known as affiliate marketing and is a big industry worldwide.

While this is the case, I take the site (and my livelihood) very seriously and put in great effort into researching and vetting the companies I recommend to provide a 100% honest opinion for my visitors. Unlike a lot of the other hosting sites out there, I don’t make my suggestions based on who pays the most, rather, I make them based on my personal testing of their services.

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